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Made In America

With The Quality You Can Trust



Who We Are

Vita-Core Health Corp, a woman-owned California based FDA registered manufacturer of single-use face masks. Our Guardest face masks are 100% made in the USA, that means we are empowering American men, women, and service providers to create incredibly high-quality products for everyone.

The Vita-Core Story

What started as a commitment to our neighbors and local community has evolved into a dedication to our fellow citizens. As Americans, we all deserve the best of the best products made by American manufacturers on our home soil. Starting with this philosophy, the Vita-Core story was born. Launched from a passion of helping fellow Americans, frontline workers and business owners gives us a dedicated reason to do what we do.


The world now understands how essential personal protection equipment actually is. As Americans, it’s up to us to help meet the demand for quality PPE in our society. By not relying on foreign suppliers, we’re helping to bring quality American manufacturing back to American soil. Our great nation was built upon the ideals of doing for self and therefore our team keeps that message central to everything we do. That’s why the Vita-Core story is so interlinked with American values of sustainability, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

What We Do

Powered By The American Spirit of Independence

Made in America doesn’t just mean manufactured on American soil. That’s a phrase that represents everything from our company culture to the values we believe in. We’re not just your average disposable face mask manufacturer. Our team is committed to a high quality of standards that ensures safety for everyone from adults to kids. Take one good look at our inventory and you’ll see how we have set ourselves apart as industry leaders, innovators, and trendsetters.

*NEW 4PLY Face Masks*

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100% Made in America

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4-layers of materials

  • First layer: metal wire with water resistance nonwoven polypropylene fabric

  • Second layer: water resistance nonwoven polypropylene fabric

  • Third layer: Polypropylene high-density Melt-blown nonwoven fabric 

  • Third layer: spun bond nonwoven fabric


Our facilities have been certified, accredited and recognized for upholding the highest standards of quality by these trusted organizations.

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How ever you choose to reach out to us, please know that we look forward to hearing from you.

VitaCore Health Corp.


Rancho Cucamanga, CA 91730

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