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TAILORED TO BE ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR FACE: The wearing comfort is key to determining how easy you feel wearing one. If a mask is too tight or not configured to adjust along your facial contours, it will trip you up pretty quickly. Ours are made a standard size for a universal fit. With a metal wire included to help you adjust it over your nose bridge, you get a fully customized fit as if the mask is made just your size.

SOFT ELASTIC TWIN EAR LOOPS: The elastic ear loops are very soft and keep the mask sitting in the sweet spot without dropping. Where the true purpose of a mask is to slow the spread by containing airborne droplets, it also serves as an obstacle if you are in a habit of touching your face unknowingly multiple times a day.

TRIPLE LAYER : Our facemasks are distinct for 3-layers. The first layer is nonwoven fabric which provides resistance against tiny droplets suspended in the air. The second layer is made up of polypropylene melt-blown fabric followed by spun bond unwoven fabric constituting the third and final layer. This trio acts as a bulwark by blocking and filtering droplets​.

EXTRA BREATHABLE: You get excellent breathability as the fabric is one-of-a-kind. We have given special attention to this aspect to make the masks usable for longer intervals. It’s free from the annoyance of gasping and struggling to catch your breath. Now ramp up your and your family’s defenses against the invisible foe.

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